What a wonderful celebration; the queen's 90th birthday, 60 years of reign, what an inspirational woman!

Our Queen is the longest ever reigning British Monarch, has lived through 6 decades of change and has been patron to over 600 organisations in the UK and the commonwealth.  We have designed a workshop to celebrate her life through music and dance and to open a discussion about what we can learn from her.

1-3 day workshop.  Each form spends an hour focusing on one of the decades below, learning a short expressive and creative dance to that era to reflect the events in that decade.  For the last hour of the day all the year groups involved gather together as a British community and performs their peice.


April 21, 1926 : The Queen's birth in London.  20's dance expressing her birth to a classic 20's song - When I see my baby smile

Oct 13, 1940: Queen Elizabeth makes her first public speech at 14 on the BBC children's hour to reassure children who had been separated from their parents during the Blitz.

30's style dance showing courage and support during the hard times of the war to the war song 'We will meet again'.


Nov 20, 1947: The Queen marries Prince Philip and a year later their son Prince Charles is born.  Elizabeth was also working in the Army as a mechanic and truck driver, she could fix your car any day!

40's style dance showing work, marriage and birth to Glen Millers - In the mood.


June 2 1953: Crowned Queen Elizabeth at the age of 25 and set off to visit the commonwealth.

50's dance expressing her becoming Queen so young to Rock around the Clock.


1977: Elizabeth celebrates her Silver Jubilee, 25 years on the throne.  Beatles Hard days night to express her selfless dedication and hard work.


2012: Elizabeth marks 60 years of her reign.

A current dance celebrating her attitude, her dedication and her family.


From £310 for a full day, please contact us for more information