Since 2008 we have been running borough wide dance celebrations, involving up to 14 schools in the borough getting professional dance instruction for 10 weeks, culminating in an unforgettable performance where all schools perform in a large space for friends and families.


We can help you find the funding and do the organising, so you can sit back and watch the celebration and life changing effects - many mothers and teachers have told us that their shy, awkward children have been 'transformed' by this project, into confident, happy people, who are inspired to continue dance.


We work with a theme, past themes have included;


Dancing Around the World - learning about other cultures dance.

Dancing Through the Ages - learning about the history of dance.

Musical Extravaganza - a celebration of musicals, singing, dancing and acting.

Dancing with the Hits - a celebration of top hits over time.


However, we can work with you with any theme or idea that you have, providing it is Dance, Singing and Drama!


All our teachers are so highly trained and experienced that each teach several style of dance and many are professional performers so can teach dance, drama and singing.


We can run these in any term.



Our holiday schools involve giving up to one hundred 8-16 year olds, the opportunity to be coached in Dance, Singing and Drama by professionals from the arts industry, culminating in an unforgettable and enriching performance in a theatre for friends and family.


We have also been involved in several sports and dance weeks.


The positive effects of quality programmes like ours on a students behaviour and therefore the community is well recognised.  


Lacking constructive community activities to engage children in during the holidays can leave children vulnerable to unsafe behaviour or simply caring for themselves or siblings.  By helping you get funding, we can offer these holiday programmes to low income families in state education, as holiday schools can be expensive and often limited to private education students.


We can assit you with the funding, organising and production of the whole event.  


We have run 5 day events to 2 weeks long events.


Past shows have included:


Mama Mia

Reaching for the Stars

They Had A Dream

Talent Show

Musical Extravaganza

The Sound of Music

Street Dance the Musical


We can run these in any hollday and half term.



African Dance 2011