Research has found that dance and movement (yoga) in schools has the following benefits on children:


Physical Health: Dancing and movement improves range of motion, coordination, strength and stamina. Learning repetitive movement patterns improves kinesthetic memory and posture. It is excellent for total body fitness and can potentially promote weight loss. 


'Students who regualrly dance tend to perform better academically'


Emotional Maturity:  Learning a movement art requires practice, discapline and focus, explaining why students who regualrly dance or do yoga and martial arts tend to perform better academically. They offers a structured outlet for physical release and emotional expression, explaining why teachers notice that these students develop better focus and attention in class. 


Social Awareness: According to FTMagazine 'Dance improves children's social and communication skills, team work, confidence and encourages a greater sense of trust'.
   Performing alleviates fears and anxiety and develops self confidence.  Exploring one's body's abilities and observing the change that practice has on the body inspires confidence, long term goals and understanding of one's responsibility for ones health and wellbeing for life.


We have many testimonials over time from students parents who say it has completely transformed their children's self confidence, they see a huge difference and are extremely grateful.


"The Jazz Dance classes, presented by this gifted teacher has enabled my daughter to bloom into a confident, expressive performer - no longer a shy wallflower, but now a dynamic and technically efficient dancer."

~ Parent, All Saints Primary School