One of your staff must be present to assist in all of our workshops.



The workshop can be divided up into six 50 minute workshops, from 9:30 - 3:30 or 4 longer classes, or 2 half days, depending on the workshop.





All we ask for is a working CD player and a clear open hall for the group to move in.

Please ensure that the group are in suitable fitness clothing, no jewellery, either trainers or bare feet.

For yoga and capoeira mats are preferable.

Creative Dance Workshop

Our anti-bullying workshops use drama, discussion and movement.  Our teachers have a wonderful rapport with the kids and strike up group discussions with the use of certain tools and games.




'Darrell was great. Everybody seemed to absolutely love the workshops.

I am continuing to receive more praise for his workshops for their engagement; Darrell's behaviour management; his flexibility; and the connection to our curriculum.'

Jamie Bird, Deputy Head, Mandeville Primary School, Molecules workshop.


'These workshops are fabulous'

Sian Maciver, Sebright Primary School


'Just wanted to say that Year 6 really enjoyed their workshop today. Darrell was really great and engaging and they learnt a lot'.

Sarah Hopkins, Lauriston Primary School

This engaging and fun workshop focusses on 4 key themes;


What is bullying? (What is the difference between joking around / teasing, focussing on the key element  of repeated and intention to hurt and the balance of power) 


What is the effect of bullying? (How does it make us feel, effect our lives. Is it only on individual or does it effect friends, family, groups?) 


What is the best way to deal with bullying? Why it is so important to 'make some noise about it' to stop it. 


What is cyber bullying and how can we use the web and chat apps safely? (depending on time as this often needs to be a separate workshop - see the e-safety workshop page). 


Our teacher will begin with a discussion with the group to find out what they already know and then move on to exploring the balance of power within a relationshop with movement and body language and action and reaction exercises to start to focus on how our physical state affects our mental state and that of others, even the most subtle ones.


Our teacher would then use the paper human exersize to invite a converstation about different types of bullying and individual experiences and how and why we would deal with it together.


We then end with a positive relationship group exersize to allow the group to experience the difference between a positive and supportive group and how that helps the individual and the whole school.